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Designing Delightful Customer Experiences

We now live in the Experience Age where we’re all demanding delightful experiences from products and services we use.

Think back to the last time you called your cell phone company or bought something online. Now, think about how you felt about the overall experience. Were you happy, frustrated, angry? What did you think of the company?

This holistic journey is the customer experience—it’s how your customers feel about your company as they interact with it.

But, delightful experiences don’t happen by accident—you must be intentional and design every interaction from the perspective of your customers. This e-book describes ProductStack’s approach to building products & services that customers love.

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ProductStack’s Customer Experience Approach

Customer Experience Approach Diagram
Market leaders understand that they are in the customer experience business. They know that how an organization delivers value to customers is just as important as what they deliver.